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Aubrey Robertson for District Attorney

Attorney Aubrey Robertson was drawn to law after realizing the impact a great attorney could have in the lives of others in their community. He has since acted as an Assistant District Attorney and a criminal defense attorney, acting for people on both sides of the courtroom. Through his efforts and unshakable sense of justice and fairness, he has been able to positively influence the people around him and people in need. Now, Aubrey is running to serve as the McLennan County District Attorney to ensure these values of justice and fairness are the focal point of the work of the office of the District Attorney.

Aubrey, standing in a dark suit and red tie with his hands in his pockets in front of the courthouse
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If you are able, please consider a contribution to our campaign to become the next McLennan County District Attorney.  Your support on a local campaign like this is critical and every dollar helps us with crucial steps like educating the community on the race and turning out voters in the upcoming Primary. 

Aubrey, standing next to a porch railing with one hand on his hip, in a blue suit jacket and jeans.


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